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Actions are the brand new toolkit from ThoughtCast Magic that gives you the ability to take the apps and products you already know and love and make them work together, allowing you to make even more amazing predictions, and wow your audiences in a completely new way!
Actions are currently available in ThoughtCast, but will soon be available in Calculon, OmniSense, and all future ThoughtCast Magic products that gather data secretly!

What Can You Do With Actions?

With Send to Calculon, you can set any number as the active force number in Calculon. The total of the numbers written down randomly on your pad match the numbers randomly entered into a spectators phone calculator!
With Send to PhoneFabulation, thought of words are automatically used to set the reveal your spectator hears in your voice on your voicemail when they call your phone!
With Send to Notarized, you can either make a revelation on a spectators Notes app and use other ThoughtCast Products to set the revelation, or anything your spectator types into their Notes app can be revealed with any other Action listed here!
With Send to Legacy, any thought of word or drawing, selected playing card, or number is written as a prediction in your wallet!
With Send to LifeLike, you can have anything your spectator thinks of appear as a hand drawn picture, either in your phone's photos or drawn on a piece of paper in your wallet!****
(coming soon!)
With the Send to DALL-E, you can have any word or thought of item or scene shown as a image in your photo gallery! Or, as a picture in your wallet!****
With Send to Glyphs, you can have any word written and that word appears written on a old receipt! Or have any number written equal the balance in your bank account!
With Send to Subliminal, you can have any word written, and then show you knew that word as a prediction in a photo the audience was already looking at the entire time!
With Send to Diverter, you can have any word written, and then call a random number, and the person on the other end of the phone can predict your word!
With Send to Earworm***, any song the spectator thinks of, without telling anyone (or even typing into a device) is playing on their phone or someone else's phone!
With Send to Inject, you can make a secret prediction on the spectators phone, and place it aside. Ask your spectator to write down any word, and then show your prediction matches!
With Send to Voila, you can (among other things) send your spectator an email with a photo, then ask them to write down the name of any celebrity. When they open the email, there is a photo of their chosen celebrity!
With Send to TimeSmith, any written down time is set on your watch!
With Send to Stranger*, you can ask someone to write down a word or make a drawing, and a random person called on the phone can be thinking of the exact same word (or make the same drawing).
With Send to Sigaba, you can send your prediction to Sigaba and it will show you the number you can "fold" in half to reveal the prediction!
With Send to Prevision, you can show your the thought of word is predicted in your video, even before you see what it is!
With Send to Hydra**, you can send thought of words and numbers as predictions to your Instagram Profile or Facebook Posts!
Actions now has its own API! Now, you can use Actions to send information to any of your favorite magic apps and services that take an API input!

and even more ARE added on a regular basis!

Actions are currently compatible with ThoughtCast impression pads, Omnisense, calculon, NOTARIZED, and PHONEFABULATION.

Get Actions

There are two ways to get actions:

*Send to Stranger requires a Pro Subscription.
**Send to Hydra requires Upgrade 1.
*** Send to Earworm requires the "Pro" upgrade.
**** Showing a image in your wallet requires a loading magicians wallet and printer/printer app.

You must also own the base app, hardware, or product associated with each Action. Action compatible apps and hardware are all sold separately.
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