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The super smart, mind reading robotic calculator that lives on THEIR PHONE!
This robot has some new tricks up his sleeves...
Calculon V2.0 is available NOW!
Bluetooth Connectivity, Custom Number Order, Target Number Force, Time and Date Force, and Lock Screen Peeks are just a few of the new features you'll find in V2.0!
Upgrade to Pro Tools by
clicking here or logging into the ThoughtCast Portal...
If you want to perform number forces, you had two choices:
One: Use the TOXIC force, fiddle with their phone for a while, and pray they didn't hit equals or clear accidentally, or
Two: Use a fishy calculator app that ran on your phone, giving your phone to the spectator to use.
You couldn't do the more advanced, amazing magic and mind reading tricks with a borrowed phone...

What's possible

only with calculon?

Calculon is the...

calculon_webBkg_01_17.png peek calculator ever...





Borrow their Phone

Ask to borrow their phone and, with one tap, you're connected. No fiddling and no funny business.

Perform a Miracle!

Know their total before they do, make randomly added numbers appear tattooed on your arm, and make numbers change and vanish like magic! All that (and a LOT more) is possible!


All it takes is 3 taps and all the evidence is gone. Or, just hand it back and let them keep it, and the dirty work will clean itself up automatically.

Plus a ton of other features, and the list keeps growing!

Peek features include:

Current display/number, pre-equals total, history, square number, cube number, custom equation, zip code conversions, date conversions, card stack conversions, and remote peeking.

Force features include:

Multiple force numbers in memory, dynamic entry of force number, ability to change and input new force numbers without touching spectators phone. When force is enabled, pressing clear will not disturb force number showing on equals, and force can be enabled and disabled as needed.

Magic features include:

Extra sensitive swipe to delete display, swiping in any direction deletes the last digit, remote locking of swipe to delete, remote delete of first number on screen, slide and lift to trigger button on all buttons, remote replacement of current number on screen, and shake to reveal current number.

Other features include:

Unlimited force numbers and stack positions, multiple built in stacks, emergency vibrations, failsafe system, and more.

Get your peek in a bunch of different ways!

Don't want to look at your phone?
No problem! 
Get your peek using our Apple Watch app, via a remote earpiece, or even use the PeekSmith peek device!
(sold seperatly)

Don't take our word for it...

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 12.27.11 PM.png
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  • How does ThoughtCast Pro work?
    The ThoughtCast sensor board contains an array of magnetic sensors, and the writing device contains a ring magnet. The magnetic sensors sense where the ring magnet is, and then show you the results on your iOS device.
  • What else do I need to perform with ThoughtCast?
    When you purchase ThoughtCast, it comes complete with everything you need to get started performing. The only items we do not include is an iPhone or Android Phone to use as a receiver (as well as an Android Wear Watch or Apple Watch, you can use your own).
  • Does ThoughtCast come with any routines?
    Yes! We have a secret page of routines that are only possible with ThoughtCast, and are only available to owners of a ThoughtCast system!
  • What happens if something goes wrong mid-performance?
    Because this is a piece of electronics, and despite thoroughly testing it under every concievable instance and situation, there will still be times when one of two things go wrong: 1) the board becomes disconnected from the device, and 2) the pen strokes aren't being captured. When your board becomes disconnected, ThoughtCast will try to signal you in two ways. One, it will visually show you, via a small dot on the drawing mode and zone mode screen, that will change from green to red. Second, it will begin vibrating non-stop until the board reconnects. If the board is set up properly, every time the spectator touches the pen to the pad (in drawing mode), the device will emit a small vibration (if the device has a vibration motor). This is to alert you that a drawing is being made. If you know they are drawing, and the slate is connected, but the device isn't vibrating, you know there is something wrong and must revert to a backup peek method (center tear, etc). The only thing that could throw off the ThoughtCast Pro board is magnetic interferece, from a metal table or a spectators magnetic jewlery. If this happens, you can easily reset the magnetic sensors in the board using your phone or watch with a simple tap!
  • Can this be used with traditional impression pad techniques?
    Yes, if you feel more safe and secure having a physical impression as well, you can use this with any number of impression methods, as long as that method does not rely upon magnets or involve metal that may interfere with a magnetic field.
  • What mobile phone device(s) can I use with ThoughtCast?
    On iOS, ThoughtCast is officially compatible with any iOS device running iOS 13 or newer. On Apple Watch, we support all versions of Apple Watch running WatchOS 6.0 or newer. We do not have an Android app and are not Android compatible, but we offer a service to Android users to set up an iPhone for specific use with ThoughtCast (and other iOS based magic effects should they choose) at no additional cost. You only pay what we pay (device cost + shipping). Email us before purchasing to discuss the options for this as well.
  • How does this differ from other electronic impression devices on the market currently?
    Previous to our product, there were two main impression technologies in use in the marketplace (neither of these are used in ThoughtCast currently, but to give you a idea to compare): Induction Coil: This is the technology where a induction coil and computer chip are inside of a pen, and when paired with a sensor board, it captures the drawing. This results in the absolute most reliable impressions. However, you're only able to use one specific pen with the impression pad, and the pen usually require a charge or battery like the sensor board, and are not only prone to breaking/able to break, they are expensive, usually costing $100 or more to replace. Plus, they don't look anything like a pen you would find off the shelf. Pressure Sensativity: This is a technology where the impression pad surface is able to register pressure sensativity. The benefit of this is you can use literally anything as your pen (you could even use your finger if you wanted to), but the problem is if the spectator does not press down hard enough, the impression might come through reliably. Plus, if your spectator holds the board on the "hot" part of the pad (the part that captures the impression), it will not capture what is being written with the marker or piece of chalk. Our solution is a hybrid of these benefits. By using a magnet ring, you get (almost) the same number of pen choices as a Pressure Sensative pad, but also (almost) the same level of reliability as the Induction Coil pad. We find this to be incredibly reliable, as well as incredibly nonchalant as the pens not only look absolutly normal, but you can use any pens you'd like that fit our magnetic rings.
  • Can I ask a question not listed here?
    Of course, just email and we'll be more than happy to answer it for you! It might even make the FAQ too!
  • Is ThoughtCast Android Compatible?
    No, sorry. However, if you are a Android user and want to use ThoughtCast, we can sell you a ready to use iOS device, app installed and ready for you, at cost, to use immediatly when you receive your ThoughtCast system.
  • How do I install the app onto my device?
    When you purchase a ThoughtCast system, you will receive a link to download the ThoughtCast software from the App Store on iOS. Or, just search for ThoughtCast in the App Store. Once installed, use the username and password provided when you purchase a system or a software license to sign in and use ThoughtCast!
  • How many devices can I install ThoughtCast onto?
    You can install ThoughtCast onto every device you own, but you can only use/activate one device at a time.
  • How many devices can I activate ThoughtCast on once I purchase it?
    You can activate and use ThoughtCast with only one device at a time. If you want to switch, just log out of one device from the bottom of the "Settings" menu and log into the other device like normal.
  • Does this work with my Android device?
    No, we do not offer an Android app.
  • Can I turn off touch to peek and just have the drawing on all the time?
    Yes! If you prefer to hide your device in your case and get your peek with a casual glance, this is achievable with the "Drawing Always Visible" switch in settings.
  • Can I change the thickness of the line?
    Yes! There is a "Line Width" slider in settings.
  • Can you invert the color of the screen (so the drawing is a black line on a white background)?
    Yes! There is an "Invert Colors" toggle in the Settings!
  • What version of iOS/Android is ThoughtCast compatible with?
    Any iOS device running iOS 13 or newer. We support all Apple Watches running WatchOS 5 or newer. ThoughtCast is not compatible with any Android devices.
  • What is the price of the ThoughtCast system?
    Visit our store to find out!
  • What is the warranty of the ThoughtCast system?
    The ThoughtCast system comes with a 1 year limited warranty. You can see the details of the warranty at the warranty link below.
  • What do I do if I have any problems?
    Just send an email to and we will get back to your question within 24 hours. We also have a secret Facebook group too (just click here to join). Magicians only!
  • How do I get a warranty replacement?
    First, if you have any difficulty, email us through the "Contact Support" button in the app. This will send us a log of your usage that will help diagnose the issue. If you can't get to that button, just email and we will help you as soon as we can (usually within 24 hours).
  • Is an Apple Watch app available?
    Yes! And, the watch app is included with all ThoughtCast system purchases!
  • What does the Watch App do?
    The watch app simply shows everything you would normally see on the phone screen on your watch. It also shows you the battery power of your sensor board, the connection status, as well as the zone number of whatever zone is currently being drawn in.
  • How many pens are included with the Sensor Board?
    The ThoughtCast Sensor Board includes one gimmicked pen or marker (for whiteboard model). Additional pens, and more discreet/incognito pens, are also available in our store.
  • Can I use more than one pen/ring magnet at a time?
    Although we have no idea why you would want to do this, the short answer is no. The sensor board was designed to be used with only a single gimmicked pen at a time.
  • What pens and markers can be used with ThoughtCast?
    We sell a variety of pre-gimmicked pens and markers, including a regular pen, a regular barrel Sharpie, a king sized Sharpie, and whiteboard marker. Other pens and markers can also be gimmicked to work with ThoughtCast, just contact us with your pen choice and we'll see if it is compatible (and the cost to make custom gimmicked pens for you).
  • What size is the Sensor Board?
    The ThoughtCast Pro Sensor Board comes in 2 sizes: The Regular Size Board is 7 3/4" x 11 3/8" x 5/16" (19.5cm x 29cm x 8.5mm) and weighs approximately 17oz/480g. The Large Size Board is 8 7/8" x 12 5/8" (22.5cm x 32cm x 8.5mm) and weights approximately 22oz/630g.
  • How large is the hot part of the ThoughtCast Pro Sensor Board? And what does "hot part" mean?"
    Hot part is the area of the board where the impression will be captured...anything outside this area will not be captured. With the new ThoughtCast V2 app, there is no dead spots on the board. The entire surface of the board is hot!
  • How long does the battery last on the Sensor Board?
    The manufacturer has listed the battery life as 7 hours on a full charge, but your mileage may vary. In our testing Sensor Boards last between 6 and 7 hours on a full charge when left on and connected to ThoughtCast.
  • How long does the battery take to charge?
    In our tests, it takes about 2-3 hours to reach full charge from 0% battery.
  • Is the battery removable/replaceable?
    Unfortunatly, no.
  • Can I connect multiple sensor boards to my app simultaneously?
    No. Only one at a time.
  • Does the sensor board automatically reconnect?
    On iOS, Yes. Should your sensor board go out of range, the app will alert you visually and with a vibration. Once the board comes back into range, it will automatically reconnect.
  • What is the range of the Sensor Board?
    Because the board connects via Bluetooth, this varies. The official answer from our manufacturer is 30-45ft, but in our tests we have achieved over 50ft of range. Be sure to test your range in your performance environment to ensure connection strength and quality when performing.
  • Does the Sensor Board come in a variety of sizes?
    Our Pro board comes in two sizes, a Regular size and a Large size (that is comparible to the size of an office clipboard). The hot part of the pad/the part the spectators can write on and will be transmitted is the same size in both boards, so the standard board has more hot area than the large board (the larger size is to accomodate a legal pad of paper and look more like a off the shelf office clipboard.
  • How do I charge the ThoughtCast Pro Board?
    Your board will come with a wireless charging disc and a piece of removable tape marking the location where the charger goes. Remove the tape and place the charger on that spot, and you're charging!
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