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Got a great idea for a magic effect but don't know how to pull it off?

Got a new ThoughtCast Magic effect and need to learn how to get it to work for your routine?

Got an idea for tech based magic and need a friendly ear to figure out how to make it a reality?

Looking to bring a magic product to market and need to navigate the dangerous waters of dealers, whole-sellers, and magic buyers in the magic market?

ThoughtCast Magic is here for you!

ThoughtCast Magic has provided consulting services for hundreds of magicians worldwide, and they can help you bring you the knowledge and insight gained from almost a decade of creating high quality effects performed by magicians and mentalists worldwide.

ThoughtCast Magic is a team of almost 20 artists, engineers, programmers, developers, writers, and designers based all over the world. We specialize in the creation of magic effects and have the know-how to get the job done, no matter how big or small the challenge.

Our specialty is high tech magic and mentalism. We understand the difficulties and challenges not only with creating high tech magic and mentalism solutions, but with bringing those solutions to market. With our team of engineers and designers, we can find a solution to your wildest dreams and make your magic effects come to life!

Plus, we can help you learn, explore, and discover some of the best and most devilish secrets to some of the magic products we already create. We can help you use the tools you already have, from us, to create even more powerful and more dynamic performances, and we can even help bring small customization and tweaks to our products you can use in your own shows to help push your effects to the next level.

But, that is only the beginning. ThoughtCast Magic has almost a decade of performance expertise, from stages small to big, and we can use our knowledge and experience in crafting routines and full shows to your act. We have access to some of the smartest minds in magic, and if we can't help with everything, we can find the right people who can. From helping you flesh out the scripting or handling of a routine, or find a great through line for your entire show, we're masters of all things mysterious. If you're looking to take your "bunch of tricks" and make them into a killer show, ThoughtCast Magic can help you with that too!

We're magicians who know magic and know how to help magicians succeed, and we can help you succeed and level up your magic, your show, and your skills! Contact us for a free introductory session!

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