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firmware UPDATE

Firmware version
15 Button - # - 5-23-24
10 Button - # - 4-9-22

To update your firmware, first check if you are running the latest firmware by connecting to the config menu per the instructions in the main instruction manual. At the bottom of the config page is a listing of what firmware is running on your device, check it against the version number above.

If your version is out of date, click the download button above to download the firmware file, open and unzip it in the Files app (tap the .zip file on your device and a firmware.bin file with the same name will appear, then you can swipe and delete the .zip), then connect to the remote config page. Once there, click on the text at the bottom that says "click here to upgrade the firmware", then click on "Choose File" and select the file you downloaded from the button above. Once selected (when you see the file name in the config window), click "Update". You will see the progress percentage as it runs. Once done uploading, leave the remote on as it will reboot when it is done. Go to the Wifi settings of your device and wait, once the remote reboots it will disconnect from your device. Once it disconnects, power the remote off and back on, and the update is complete.

If the remote is unable to update, it means the power level of the battery is under 50%. Plug the remote in to charge, you can update the firmware if the remote is plugged into power.

Note: DO NOT FLASH THE FIRMWARE OF THE INCORRECT REMOTE MODEL! Doing so will potentially brick your remote, and if you own a Versa 1, there is no way to restore it back (Versa 2 we can restore it if you send it to us)...

Questions? Email Us!
Gen 2/V15 Changelog

FW V1.5.1.549 - Fixed remaining French keyboard number issues, fixed save config file issues.

FW V1.5.1.548a - Fixed connection to Kronaby Nord 38/Nord 44 watches.

FW V1.5.1.547 - Fixed additional bugs with not being able to save from book test or keyboard mode, and book test/keyboard options not being saved properly. Also fixed a keypress issue for numbers on a French Keyboard.

FW V1.5.1.546 - Fixed additional bugs with Fake Name. Now, the only way to prevent the remote from reconnecting to the previous device is to reboot the remote while holding the "0" key. This is so you can switch from Book Test mode to regular mode with the same spectators phone.

FW V1.5.1.542 - Fixed bug with Fake Name, was not changing in the Book Test mode when user would hold down book test boot button and reboot.

FW V1.5.1.541 - Fixed several bugs in the Book Test mode, where the longest word on line would send multiple words (it no longer does) and send the first word of the sentence.

FW V1.5.1.540 - Fixed a bug in Book Test mode where, if you have "number of letters in word" enabled, it would send multiple words with the same letter count, even if the toggle is off.

FW V1.5.1.539 - MAJOR RELEASE - New Features Include:

  • Multiple Keyboard Layouts

  • More options for keyboard buttons, including F-Keys and brightness toggles, etc.

  • Saving/Exporting All Settings and Presets

  • Customize boot button layouts for B1-B3

  • Tilt to Switch Keyboard Layouts

  • Multiple Book Test Books installable (via the Book Test Library)

  • Multiple Book Test Boot Buttons (B4-B6)

  • Switch books while booted in Book Test mode

  • Additional buttons in Book Test mode (D-Pad buttons can now have standard functionality)

  • More options for which word is typed into the device in Book Test Mode

  • Renaming Remote (to pair to spectators phone without detection)

  • Toggle to turn lights off in all modes

  • Toggle to keep device that the remote is paired to awake

FW V1.5.1.503 - Fixed remote naming itself "ESP" or "Esp32" when switching from watch mode to bluetooth mode

-vibration power adjustment in wifi config mode now working properly.

FW V1.5.1.503 - Fixed remote naming itself "ESP" or "Esp32" when switching from watch mode to bluetooth mode

-vibration power adjustment in wifi config mode now working properly.

FW V1.5.1.502 - Turns off all LED lights after remote connects (to watch/phone/etc).

FW V1.5.1.500 - When remote boots it will show a led color indicating the current power level. Added support for setting space, return, and delete as key choices in bluetooth mode. Fixed several other minor bugs as well.

FW V1.5.1.401 - Fixed Pi Rev book test vibrations, and fixed an issue with Fossil watches...Kronaby watches and certain turner watch models still has a bug which a fix is in progress.

Gen 1/V10 Changelog

Changes introduced in firmware version 1.1

1. Way simpler vibrations and streamlined connection

In the previous version, vibrations were used - and sometime overused - to signal way too many things. From boot mode, to connection status, to battery, to intermediate input steps. This release streamlines everything to the most important stuff a performer needs to know:

* the remote was turned on (see sleep mode below)

* the remote is connected / disconnected

* the input was invalid or confirmed (in watch mode)

* low or critical battery

Turning on the remote requires both hands by design so there is no need to use vibration when the built in LED can convey the same information with the remote in plain sight. All un-necessary LED blinking have been removed to just one: critical battery (RED). Along with this what each button does in watch mode (numeric or swipe, long or short press) has been simplified drastically.

2. Smart time input (watch numeric mode)

Enter 134 and the remote will send 1:34 to the watch.

Enter 123 and the remote will wait for the forth digit (for 3 sends; when the 3 seconds are up a short vibe confirms input is now complete).

Enter 119 and the remote will send 1:19 to the watch.

Enter 29 and the remote will signal error as there is no way to form a time by starting with '2' '9'

There are now only a very few cases when the leading zero is encouraged (0123 for 1:23) and they are easy to remember since the hour is always 1. So if the spectator says 1:45, the performer can put a leading zero even if not strictly need. This means less cognitive burden for the performer at the worst time. Support for 24h format was removed (who uses it?) in order to reduce even further the possibilities of requiring a leading zero when not necessary.

3. SBWatch new protocol

The new SBWatch firmware is designed with the performer in mind and it's not an adaptation of an existing hybrid watch functionality (e.g. Fossil). As such the watch is capable to move and freeze hands while keeping the internal clock running normally. This way a reset time will always work as expected while hands freezing means not worrying about patter length anymore. This new release will recognize the new protocol and take advantage of these premium features.

4. Sleep mode.

It's intentionally hard to accidentally turn the remote on or off which also made it hard to save battery by turning the remote on-demand. Sleep functionality, hold 1 in watch mode or totally configurable in KB emulation code, allows the performer to turn and pair the watch, put it to sleep, and have it ready at a moment notice with a simple keypress. The remote will restart as if it was just turned on, go through connection and be ready in less than a minute*

5. Force time.

Five configurable times can be sent to the watch with a single keypress.

In swipe mode: button 6 will send the first force time, button 7 will send the second time, etc.

In numeric mode: holding button 5 will send the first time, holding button 6 will send the second time, etc. A recap of the button functionality per each mode is at the bottom of this page.

6. Media controls

In Keyboard mode keys can now be assigned to media control functionality: PLAY, PAUSE, NEXT, VOL, etc. Keys can also be assigned to allow the remote to go to sleep.

7. Support for void buttons

Some people prefer a very simple remote layout and have the need to have some buttons do... nothing! It is now possible, via the same configuration page, to completely disable a button press (short, long or both)

8. More reliable update process

Upgrading the FW is a delicate step and prone to bricking the device. We put in place many failsafe mechanisms and increased the upgrade process reliability (which was already high).

9. Simplified vibration strength.

The number of possible options has been reduced to the essential due to the imperceptible difference between some of the previous available "steps". There are only three levels: MUTE, LOW, MAX.

10. Battery status.

By pressing the corresponding button (see below), the LEDs will flash as follow:

Battery more than 80%: 2 blue flashes

Battery more than 50%: 1 blue flash

Battery more than 25%: 2 red flashes

Battery less than 25%: 1 long red flash.

11. More

There is more stuff under the cover, a lots of bug were squished in the process of releasing this version. With this release we started to scratch a little deeper than the surface of the many possibilities this remote can offer.

Button press map: WIFI MODE

1 - Vibration MUTE

2 - Vibration MUTE

3 - Vibration LOW

4 - Vibration MAX

5 - Vibration MAX

Button press map: WATCH SWIPE MODE

Button - short - long press

1 - swipe UP - reset input

2 - swipe LEFT - reset input

3 - reset time - reset input

4 - swipe RIGHT - reset input

5 - swipe DOWN - reset input

6 - send force time 1 - reset input

7 - send force time 2 - reset input

8 - send force time 3 - reset input

9 - send force time 4 - reset input

0 - show battery LEDs - reset input

Button press map: WATCH NUMERIC MODE

Button - short - long press

1 - send 1 - sleep mode

2 - send 2 - reset input

3 - send 3 - reset input

4 - send 4 - reset input

5 - send 5 - send force time 1

6 - send 6 - send force time 2

7 - send 7 - send force time 3

8 - send 8 - send force time 4

9 - send 9 - show battery LEDs

0 - send 0 - reset time

* radio communications are bound to interferences and the behavior of two independent devices. While Versa is FCC certified and short connection times the topmost priority in our development process, too many factors outside our control are in play in determining re-connection speed and reliability. Thanks for being one of our supporters.

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