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Scan and See
What's Possible


You're performing for a couple of friends and you take out a black envelope. 100% opaque, nothing can be seen from the outside. 


You have 5 ESP cards mixed and, while your back is turned, any single card removed from the deck and put into a black envelope. The rest of the cards are placed into the spectators pocket or out of your sight.


You put the envelope into your back pocket and turn around.


No one knows the symbol.


Not even you.


Without turning around, you take a napkin, rip it up, and toss it over your head to your friend, who holds it for safe keeping. You take the card out of the envelope and inside is the star card.


Your friend opens the napkin, and it is ripped into the shape of a star.


You're at a bar on your phone and someone sits next to you. You get to talking and mention you're a magician. They ask to see something.


You ask them to pick a card from a deck of cards and not even to look at it.


You pull the phone out of your pocket and ask Siri "What card did this stranger just pick?".


Siri thinks about it.

She says "You're thinking of the Seven of Spades"

They flip over the card. You were right the whole time.


You are out at a local fast food joint with some friends when you ask if you can do an experiment with them. You ask the lady at the counter for 5 glasses and lids, and you fill each one up with soda from the self serve machine.

You bring them back, and mix them up. You ask your friend to mix them up more so no one knows what flavor is in each cup. 

They pick one at random.


They take a sip.


You say you have a funny lemon lime taste in your mouth.

They smile and respond "You're right, that one was the Sprite".

You repeat this a few more times to prove it wasn't just a lucky guess.



omnisense is


Scan your object, add to library, and you're done. Plus, for larger object sets, you can import all the objects with their details encoded and ready to use.

omnisense is


What do you want your prediction to be? The possibilities are endless. Website predictions, photo predictions, it's all possible.

omnisense is


The NFC system of the iPhone was not designed for magicians. But, our app is. Get feedback if the reader is running or not, know if the scan went through, and reset quickly and easily.


Our open prediction engine allows you to trigger other apps and services, so your prediction is limited to your imagination.

just a few things


can do:

Peek AT objects...

Can't see your phone screen? No problem! With OmniSense, you can know the object they selected from looking at your watch (Apple Watch or MiBand/Pebble), looking at a PeekSmith device, listening to a hidden earpiece, or even feeling the vibrations on your phone.

turn your spectator into a mindreader...

OmniSense can be used to turn a spectator into an instant stooge. Your phone can appear off, or on another screen, but turn it toward your spectator and, with one tap, they can see all the info. Or, if you own a induction speaker (like the Para.Wav from Paralabs), they can even hear the name of the object in their mind.

Predict on your phone...

Every OmniSense object has a collection of data associated to that object. So, you can use your phone as the revelation itself. If you have a bunch of postcards, the maps app can show the location of that postcard. Or, they can choose several cards and each card is listed in a note on your phone. These and many more are possible with OmniSense!

Plays well with others

OmniSense works with a variety of other magic apps, including Inject, Prevision, Flitch, Voila, and, your objects don't have to be trapped inside of OmniSense and can help automate and pump up your other effects!

and that's just the


Once you get OmniSense, you'll get access to the OmniSense Object Store. This is the most robust marketplace of the finest and most creative tagged items available everywhere. Cards, wooden tokens, envelopes and more are all available, and all ready to perform with OmniSense! Plus, purchasers of objects get bonus ideas and routines not available to anyone else!

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