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Are you trying to gain access to a page and it gives you a "Access Denied" or "Members Only" Login? If you purchased a ThoughtCast Product, please sign up for a new account on our website (if you don't have an activation code use the name of the product as your activation code), and we will give you access within 24 hours (usually less time than that) as we have to approve accounts manually. This login for our website is separate from the login used for the app itself & the "App Owners" pages, so a password reset on one won't reset the other. If you have an account on our site, use the email below to contact us so we can grant you access.
We are redoing our server to allow you to log into all your ThoughtCast Products and pages from one username and password, so until that is complete this is the best way to ensure only our customers have access to the secret materials.
If you purchased a product and 24 hours went by and still cannot access the right pages, email support@thoughtcastmagic.com with the subject "Website Account Activation Help" and the products you need access to (and if you didn't purchase them from ThoughtCast directly, where you purchased them & your activation codes if applicable) and we'll get back to you immediately.
Thanks for being patient with us while we transition to a far better and far more robust system.