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what is it?

Frequently asked questions

Where do I ask a question?

Email "" with the subject "Versa Remote Questions" and I will post the most popular ones on this faq!

Does it work with that one real popular watch everyone already owns?

We know the one you're talking about...Because their watch uses the same generic bluetooth communication protocol as other watches, it (in theory) will work with the Versa Remote. However, the support is not guaranteed as they have not shared with us any specifics of the communication protocol nor have they given us any help in development of our remote. If you are looking to perform with a watch, we reccomend the SB Watch/TimeSmith watch, which features an open protocol and full support.

What is the button configuration for numbers?

They start at the top with "1", and go down and left to right. So the 2nd row is "2, 3, 4", the bottom of the d-pad is "5", the square is "6,7,8,9", and the very bottom button is "0"...these can be customized in the keyboard settings as well for keyboard/remote mode.

How loud/quiet are the button presses and vibration motor?

The buttons emit very little, if no noise whatsoever. The vibration motor makes a small sound but, in normal ambient noise environments this would not be heard or detected.

How big is the remote?

It's small! From its widest point it measures 2 3/8" x 5/8" x 7/8" (approx 60mm x 23mm x 15mm)

What is the range?

With most iPhones, the remote can work comfortably in about 30ft of range. We are still testing the range with various magic watches and other magic bluetooth peripherals.