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"Such a great idea to have it double ended! I've never heard of a book test mode in a remote before. This Versa 2 certainly has all the bells and whistles. Love it!"
-Angelo Carbone

what makes versa 2 even better?

Versa 2 now has 15 buttons compared to the original 10. In two distinct configurations (3x3 grid and directional pad), you can use it easily to input to all your favorite apps and supported devices!


Versa 2 has brand new buttons. These are all metal buttons, that will never* fall out, break, chip, or malfunction. Plus, each button has a satisfying tactile click, and a comfort touch enamel coating, making them even easier to press.

Versa 2 now supports even more smart watches. Fossil* and Kronaby* watches now join the SB/TimeSmith watch and the Turner Watch* as watches you can control directly from your remote, no phone required! Plus, you can set force times and trigger them right from the remote!


Versa 2 has a book test mode. Imagine making a prediction in the notes, email, or any other normal app on the iPhone, then asking them to look at any word on any page of a book**. Then, you turn your phone over and that word is in your prediction. No special apps, the Versa 2 handles it ALL!

The Versa 2 is the only remote this feature rich that looks like a finger and has a real fingerprint texture, allowing you to hold it and show it in plain sight, flashing it to the audience. They will be never see it in your hand! Plus, with wall thicknesses double the v2a, it is more durable than ever before!

Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 11.21.24 AM.png

Versa Remote also plays nice with all the ThoughtCast products. Calculon, ThoughtCast, OmniSense, Tell the Truth, you can easily (and for some, exclusively) use them with a Versa Remote!

Combine that with the infinite customization possibilities, reliable bluetooth 5 connection protocol, 50ft range, 5+ hour battery life***, easy to use web interface, and 1 year warranty, the Versa remote is the best remote ever made for magicians.


You Ready to TAKE CONTROL?

*because the Turner Watch is discontinued, and because both Fossil and Kronaby have no official developer support, these watch's support is currently in beta. Please see the FAQ below for more information.

**Book test currently supports Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and David Penn's Pi Revelations. More books will be added in the future.

***battery life tested in typical conditions, your battery life may vary depending on your usage scenario.

*this is in our tests and due to the design. If you have an issue with a button on your remote, please contact us immediately for repair options.

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