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In order to keep all the secrets, well, secret, we have protected the instructions for Versa. To gain access, you need a ThoughtCast Magic website account. We manually review these accounts, so approvals are not instantaneous (but are done no later than 24 hours).
Register your remote by clicking on the link below and choose to "Sign Up" for an account. The serial number of your remote is both written on the back of the box and is the last 5 digits of the name of the remote when powered on and connected to a computer or phone (the name in bluetooth settings). So if the bluetooth name of your remote is "Versa10#12345", your serial number is "12345".
Once approved, that same link will take you to the instructions when you are logged into this website.
If you have an account for another product already, email us the serial number of your remote so we can add this product to your account. If you still can't gain access, or if you're having trouble logging in, email us and we will help you out.
Thanks for your patience. We are currently transitioning to a server where all logins (apps and instructions) will use a single username and password. It is not done yet, but when it is done it will make everyones life a little easier.
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