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If you are reading this, you just purchased a new Versa Remote (or upgraded from the previous version). Either way, welcome and thanks for purchasing. We hope you love using this remote and tell your (magic) friends about it!

When you first receive your remote, you need to do several things:

1) Discard the FCC Sticker on the bottom of the remote (it is put there for regulatory purposes and not needed for operation). If it is not there, disregard this and go to step 2 below.

2) Charge the remote - you can plug it into any 5v phone charger or computer using any micro USB cable you already have. Make sure to note the direction of the port and be careful when removing the cord, as some mini USB cords have more "grip" than other (and too much force will rip the USB jack off of your remote). Just be careful and try to remove the cord straight out without wiggling left and right.

When the remote is fully charged, the led will be a solid GREEN color. After turning green, unplug the remote from your power cord. You cannot overcharge the remote, so do not worry about leaving it plugged in.

2) Register with your Portal Account -
If you purchased your remote directly from ThoughtCast Magic, you do not need to do anything. If you have an account, Versa instructions have been activated on it. If not, an account has been made with your purchase email and a password set email has been set. Please follow that email to log into the portal to view the instructions and skip the rest of step 2.

If you bought a Versa remote from one of our partners, you need to activate it on your account or make an account. To do that you need the serial number of your remote.

First, find the serial number of your remote by powering up the remote until the light inside is a solid
BLUE, and opening the bluetooth preferences of any nearby device (the remote will show up as "Versa15#1234567", the number after the # sign is the serial number).

If you do not have an account (or have never purchased anything from ThoughtCast Magic in the past), click the button below and go to the ThoughtCast Portal, then click  "Activate New Account", and use the serial number of your remote as the activation code.

If you already have an account, log into the portal and use the remote serial number in the "Activate a Code" field on the first page of your account.

If you put in the code and get a "Code Not Found" error, email us so we can fix the issue and give you access to the instructions.

3) Read (and follow) the QuickStart -
Once logged in and activated, click "Versa", then click "Show Instructions". This will show you the rest of the instructions needed for operation of the remote.

And, if you need any help whatsoever, we always have your back. Click the button below and email us as many details about what is going wrong as you can, and we'll help you as soon as we can!
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