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Book test library

The Book Test Library is a comprehensive tool for looking up the position of a word in some of the most popular books ever published, or for finding the word at a specific position in a book.

You can use the Book Test Library to enhance many of the apps you already own, by now being able to predict words at specific (And sometimes random) positions chosen by audience volunteers.

You can also purchase access to various dictionaries, and retrieve the position of words in these dictionaries as needed, to be able to give your spectator the feeling of wonder when you know the exact location of a word they are merely thinking of in your normal, ungimmicked dictionary.

Choose the books you'd like to use in your show (required for Versa users) or, purchase a subscription and get all the books we offer for one yearly fee!

This feature is currently in Beta and we plan to have a full launch with compatibility for other apps very soon!

note: If you are purchasing books for use with your versa remote, please include the full name of your remote (including the serial number) in the checkout notes when ordering.

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